Blogger has changed!

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Blogger just completely changed their format for posting. As I explore the new layout I thought I would write my post for the evening. So as you are sitting around enjoying the summer please read this extremely dull blog post. Or maybe have a bowl of ice cream…..Yea that will do. Ice cream…..what was I doing? Oh yea….Blogger. Have a great…

Spokane Grapevine and MerchantCircle The Beginning

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So how did little ole’ Spokane Grapevine get involved in a multi-national corporation like MerchantCircle?  Well Let me tell ya…. It all started back in January of 2008 when I was researching ways to get the word out about our own Spokane landscaping company. I stumbled upon MerchantCircle and little did I know but that would be the beginning of…

Family day and a chicken coop.

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I know this isn’t about another business but….. we had a family day building a chicken coop. I am very tired but had time to do this fun picture of the “reward”. Enjoy the picutre and I’ll see ya tomorrow!     Monte & Kelly TareskiSpokaneGrape on Twitter Spokane GrapevineCascading CreationsGardenStoneEmail

Jaden’s Journey: Lile Moving and Storage

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I am going to keep this one short and to the point. Just like the guys from Lile Moving and storage did for the latest Extreme Team project. Jaden’s Journey These guys were amazing.  Not only were they quick, but more importantly they were careful. We have all heard stories of movers that didn’t care. Take my word for it…

Jaden’s Journey: Aloha Island Grill

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One of the many unsung heros of Jaden’s Journey was Terry Huff the owner of Aloha Island Grill. Mark called Huff and Huff said “how much do you need?”……That simple.  Huff supplied the crew with an awsome breakfast of the most amazing Hawaiian fare, and pleanty of it to boot. I have had many things for breakfast but never had…

Patti Usselman Hair.STYLE by Spokane Grapevine

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I know….Once again I am writing a post about something that is not so Testostorony….. BUT When you find someone as cool as Patti Usselman you just need to tell the story. What I found so cool about Patti is her genuineness, her professionalism, and her expertise in her field.  You can be sure of one thing… Patti knows her…

The Economy….A renewed hope

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I am gonna keep this short for one reason…. It has been a long week and weekend… We spent the whole weekend at the Spokane Home and Yard Show. I spent some time walking around to other vendors at the show and there was a lot of positive response from them all. It would seem that most of them are…

Jaden’s Journey: Cascading Creations

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Everyone needs to read all the previous Spokane Grapevine blog posts about Jaden’s Journey.  There is a man who is involved that is helping make this all happen.  I have “hijacked” this blog to tell you a little about him.  But, those of you who know him already know all this stuff. His name is Monte Tareski the owner of…

Jaden’s Journey; Cook Forms

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The digging started today! The forms are being set tomorrow So….What are forms Forms are what goes around the concrete to hold it in place till the concrete cures Until today I wasn’t able to get a picture of Steve Cook of Cook forms. Steve has been with Mark and The Extreme Team since day one. Steve was the man…

Jaden’s Journey: Java Hut Espresso

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As you can imagine I get a call from Mark just about every day giving me updates on what’s going on with The Extreme Team so I can post stuff and junk…. Today’s phone call from Mark went something like this…. “Hey Monte, I just helped Dave from Uccello’s coffee bag 170 bags of coffee”  On any other day I…