Friday Funny

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I don’t have much for you tonight…. I just thought I would give you a little Friday Funny. Courtesy of my good friend Tricia Jo of….. Fabulocity Monte & Kelly TareskiSocial Media 13Twitter Marketing Tips And TricksFacebook Marketing Tips and TricksBlogging ReporterSpokane Grapevine on BloggerSpokane Grapevine on TwitterSpokane Grapevine’s YouTubeSpokane Grapevine on FacebookCascading CreationsMy Take on Life Blog

Spokane 7: Fabulocity Tricia Jo

fabulocity spokane 7 Spokane Blogs spokane grapevine tricia jo webster

If you knew Tricia Joe you would understand why this picture is so perfect. Thru this wonderful medium of Social Media I have had the opportunity to get to know tons of people. Tricia Jo is one of those people. Let’s just say I adore her (I know that is a thing that girls usually say but WTH) She is…