Extreme Team Day Three

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If this picture doesn’t just say it all… I don’t know what does. It was a flurry of actiitiy at the Extreme Team Jobsite today. From Windows to Walkways From Painting To Patio The house is a buzz with the sound of helping hands… I love this town and the generosity of it’s many busniesses. Check out yesterdays post for…

The Extreme Team Love List Grows!

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    The New Improved Love List! Special Thanks to:1. Wright Bros. Sunrooms2. Everhart Painting3. Extreme Drywall4. Gold Seal Plumbing5. ProBuild6. The Fenceman7. River City Trim8. Haase Landscaping9. Proficient Constuction10. Jeremiah McElfish Construction11. Rags Turf12. Zandtco Irrigation and Landscaping13. Cascading Creations14. Alpine Patio Concepts15. Rodda Paint16. Alderson Custom Homes17. Summit Electric18. Parr Lumber19. Band Construction20. Vision Fencing and Developement21. Troy…

The Extreme Team At It Again: Love List Too

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      Lila and Toni’s Yard Love List 1.Spokane Home Builders Association 2. Avista Utilities 3. Haase Landscape 4. Visions Fencing 5. The Fenceman 6. Spokane Rock Product 7. Alderson Construction 8. Jeremiah McElfish Construction 9. Troy Anglin10. Rodda Paint11. River City Trim12. Regal Windows and Doors13. Jeldwen Windows14. ProBuild15. PARR Lumber16. Inner Mountain West Insulation17. Preimer Roofing Contractors18. ABCO Wood Recycling19. Western States CAT20. Bruchis Cheesesteaks Monte…

Extreme Team On The Prowl

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The Extreme Team is back on the prowl… And once again Spokane Grapevine will be deep in the middle of all the fun. Mark Peterson will be making his announcement soon.  So when that time comes I will be sure to post the details here! Stay tuned for the skinny on the team. Monte & Kelly TareskiSpokaneGrape on Twitter Spokane…

Jaden’s Journey: Windsor Plywood

Cascading Creations extreme team jaden's journey Mark Peterson Windsor Plywood

One of the last pieces of the puzzle for Jaden’s Journey was Windsor Plywood. They donated the doors for the entire remodel. They were just a phone call away…. and  Boom! Doors a plenty. But here is the story behind the scenes. Mark asked me to come help him go pick up the doors at Windsor plywood. Easy enough. We…

Jaden’s Journey: Condron Homes

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Well the Blogroll keeps a coming. I got the opportunity to meet Corey Condron of Condron homes briefly. He was in between trips as the go-fer for the team he hired to come do all the drywall for Jaden’s Journey. Dependable Drywall was who Corey broght in to finish the inside of the home and get it ready for paint….

Jaden’s Journey: Jacob’s Upholstery

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Another player that stepped up to the plate for Jaden was Jacob’s Upholstery. While I didn’t have the opportunity to watch them work, Kelly did, and she told me that those guys busted tail all day to pad Jaden’s therapy room. I got to see the end result and quite honestly it was amazing. I am keeping these last few…

Jaden’s Journey: Lile Moving and Storage

Cascading Creations extreme team gardenstone creations jaden's journey Lile Moving and Storage Mark Peterson monte tareski

I am going to keep this one short and to the point. Just like the guys from Lile Moving and storage did for the latest Extreme Team project. Jaden’s Journey These guys were amazing.  Not only were they quick, but more importantly they were careful. We have all heard stories of movers that didn’t care. Take my word for it…

Jaden’s Journey: Aloha Island Grill

Aloha Island Grill Cascading Creations extreme team gardenstone creations jaden's journey Mark Peterson monte tareski

One of the many unsung heros of Jaden’s Journey was Terry Huff the owner of Aloha Island Grill. Mark called Huff and Huff said “how much do you need?”……That simple.  Huff supplied the crew with an awsome breakfast of the most amazing Hawaiian fare, and pleanty of it to boot. I have had many things for breakfast but never had…

Jaden’s Journey: Swring

Cascading Creations extreme team GardenStone jaden's journey kelly tareski Mark Peterson monte tareski Swring

What the heck is a Swring….. Well to put it in a nut shell….. It is one of the most innovative pice of protective child’s play equipment on the market. Emery Clark Designed it for his family’s needs and boom The Swring was born It has been picked up by the Autistic Community as a wonderful way for kids to…