Spokane Metro Magazine Summer Party

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I am writing up a short post again today…. We are getting ready for the big Summer Party at the Davenport Hotel this evening hosted by Spokane Metro Magazine. This is more of a teaser because tomorrow’s post will be a who’s who of Spokane with pictures of the event.  Have a great evening everyone! Monte & Kelly TareskiSpokane Grapevine…

Spokane Metro Magazine

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  This will be another short post but I do feel it is an important one. We spent some time this evening with the editors and contributing authors of Spokane Metro Magazine. You may be aware that the magazine was on a brief hiatus but is back with a writing and editing staff that has no match in this town….

Downtown Spokane A Guest Post By Cheryl-Anne Millsap

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I spent most of the winter traveling and much of the early spring stuck in the house nursing an injured tendon, my foot propped up and on ice. I didn’t get downtown as much as I usually do. But one day last week I had back-to-back meetings in two separate locations so I parked my car in the middle and…