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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy, the owner of Zerorez here in Spokane. I have known Jeremy for awhile but never really got to talk to him one on one. Let’s just say that I was very impressed. Not only did he start at age 23 by buying a franchise but, he did it with the passion and zest of entrepreneurs twice his age.  I visited with him in his office, where he gave me the “tour” of what I will call, “his motivation station”. He spends many an hour training and motivating his employees to be the best that they can be for the customer. When I say many, that is an understatment. I can truely say that in all my travels that I have not seen a man with the passion for customer service that Jeremy has. He instills that same passion into each and every one of his employees. 
If this sounds like I am raving about Jeremy and his team then so be it. I would not hesitate to call them each and every time I need to have my carpet’s, tile or upholstery cleaned. If there is a service company in town that deserves your patronage then zerorez is most certianly it. Do yourself a favor and hire his team to clean your carpets whenever they need it. You WILL NOT be dissapointed. 
Below is a little something that I had Jeremy write up for the zerorez page on Spokane Grapevine.
(and just a few of his many testimonials)


125 N Crestline
Spokane, WA 99202
Office (509) 922-5326
Toll Free 1 (866) 937-6739
Fax (509) 968-3505
“I did not picture my self being in Spokane as a carpet cleaner growing up, but when I hear the name zerorez associated with carpet cleaning in Spokane, I know I can stand a little taller. I chose to not continue my college degree to open a zerorez in Spokane at the age of 23. We are in our 7th year and are blessed with a brand that people can trust and refer in Spokane for carpet cleaning. For me its not all about the fact that we have the best carpet cleaning process in Spokane, or that our technicians are personable, wear booties, and use corner guards; for me its about creating loyal customers. I love the opportunity to grow a business in a place I enjoy living in. Not only are our customers loyal fans but our own team that makes up zerorez are raving fans of their own company as well. We are a local company that has a culture of service in everything we do. We are dedicated to the residents of Spokane. We live here too. It only makes sense that what we do here in Spokane supports the very place we call home.”

Jeremy McGee
Zerorez Spokane


“Zerorez to the rescue! Might wanna change your name to Herorez! Thanks Aaron for the great work! Our beautiful tile floor is actually better than new! I want to roll around on the ground in my kitchen floor. We will definitely use ZEROREZ again.”

Kevin James
Medical Lake

“Service techs were very professional and friendly. My carpets were only slightly damp when they were finished, not wet. My carpet cleaning looks amazing. I’m only sorry I didn’t call you sooner!”

North Side


“My carpet feels and looks much cleaner after Zerorez cleaning than after my past cleanings with other Spokane carpet cleaning companies. The technician was thorough, efficient, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very helpful.”

South Hill


“Carpet not only looks great, but feels soft and clean. I was amazed! Best Carpet cleaning Spokane Bar none.”
North Idaho
“Excellent customer service and the zerorez product is fantastic. Doesn’t leave any odor or soapy residue and is safe for our pets and kids!”

Zerorez Spokane

“The quality of ZEROREZ cleaning is the best we have ever experienced. The process was very thorough. I felt that Grant was very interested and dedicated to delivering satisfaction. I could hear and see the debris going through the filter box as he was sucking and brushing through my vents. That was very impressive to me. Gross, but thankful it was no longer circulating in my vents.”



“Zerorez is my choice in Spokane. I like the toxic-free chemicals. The sofa did not have a chemical odor after cleaning. The service technician Aaron was prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. He took his time and did an excellent job!”


“Your quick response to a health issue for family occupants in a new rental. Above and beyond service. Even cleaned a mattress it came out fantastic! Thank you zerorez you are the best in Spokane.”


Monte Tareski

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