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Happy Weekend to you! You can probably gather from the many posts we have done that we support the Buy Local Movement that has been set in motion for Spokane by The Greater Spokane Incorporated. That would be kind of a no-brainer in just about anyone’s book. So here’s the deal. As many of you may know I am part Coyote Country’s Jay & Kevin Show on Friday mornings (that will be a week long blog in itself). Being a part of that group of hoodlums has been interesting to say the least. Buuuuuttt where I was going with that is, they like to give me plenty-o-crap about different things that I am passionate about. Their latest kick is making fun of the fact that I always tell people that they need to support BUY LOCAL. So here is my martyrdom in a nutshell. I support BUY LOCAL with a vengeance. I feel that small business owners deserve our support. I am a small business owner and without the support of people that have hired us we would not be around to give this to you. The small “Mom and Pop” shops are what founded this great country. If it weren’t for small business there wouldn’t be a United States. I read somewhere, awhile back in one of the many blogs I follow that small business makes up 80% of this nation’s economy. Couple that with the fact that the people that own that small business also live next door and the money you give to Martha and Joseph stays right here in Spokane to support our local economy. Why wouldn’t you support such a noble cause?

There are so many reasons to support the Buy Local campaign that my simple blog post will not do it any justice. Suffice to say that I will always pick that small corner shop over the Walmart for my Christmas gifts. I would much rather eat at a restaraunt where the owner is greeting you at the door or making you a wonderful dinner. The fact that those shelves were stocked by the owner and the meal was made with love, makes all the difference to my wife and myself. We love Spokane and small business right here in our back yard. If that means that I take a ribbin’ from the boys at The Jay & Kevin Show then so be it. I dare you to give it a try Max and Slim…….your neighbors are counting on you!

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