The Boys Of Bull Hill

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A couple of days ago my husband wrote a  post about Bull Hill Guest Ranch.  He talked about the beauty and serenity of this Pacific Northwest gem.  I must add  that when I need a moment of silence or when just meditating the visual I turn my minds eye to is Bull Hill.  Whether it be a ride on horseback, a walk to the lake, sitting on the cabin porch starring at the view it calms me and fills my heart with peace.  He also spoke briefly about the awesome Guglielmino Family that owns and operates the ranch. When I think of “family” in general terms it means to me ~ helping out whenever you can without question, working together for a greater good, being there for each other when times are good and bad and finding a balance to always celebrate the little blessings life brings are way.  I think in a way we all try to do this as “family”.  I feel truly blessed to have  met the Guglielmino’s (and Beardslee’s and Doyal) families and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them.  When you visit the ranch, you are made to feel as part of the family, it is not a gimmick, it is truly genuine.

However, there was one very important thing my husband failed to mention in his post about Bull Hill.  Now, I know it is only because he obviously sees this from a different perspective then me, well simply because he is a guy.  Yes, the views are beautiful, the horses are stunning and the cabins are to die for, but the Cowboys are breath taking.  Yes, I am totally head over heals in love with my husband, Monte.  But face it, I am not dead and being the artist that I am, I will always admire beauty in whatever form it comes in.  Now, ladies before you get to excited I must inform you that all these cowboys are spoken for.  Also, it is not just there rugged good looks that make them so breath taking.  These gentlemen are the real deal, they are family men who are not ashamed to show there love.  They are some of the most hard working men I have known.  Watching them do there thing regardless if it is saddling & riding horses, working cattle, helping new riders, sharing stories at the cook house, playing with one of the ranch dogs at the end of a long day, etc is just simply inspiring.  I admire them and love what they represent!

So without further ado, here are the Boys of Bull Hill…

Bull Hill Guest Ranch

Pete at Bull Hill

Joe 7830 at Bull Hill Joe at Bull Hill

Tucker at Bull Hill Tucker at Bull Hill Guest Ranch

Brent B at Bull Hill Brent at Bull Hill

Hunter 8495 Hunter at Bull Hill

Lil' Pete 7680 FB WM


You will see and hear a lot about our time we spend at Bull Hill Guest Ranch.  But I would encourage you all to give Laura a call (she is the beautiful wrangler that handles your bookings) and plan a trip to Bull Hill Guest Ranch for yourself.  You will have your choice of 9 family cabins, 2 luxury cabins or 2 awesome tent cabins.  Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, family vacation/reunion site or a corporate retreat, I guarantee you will not be disappointed for staying at Bull Hill Guest Ranch.

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Kelly Tareski