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I know I have been writing about other businesses for quite some time. But I don’t want to miss this opportunity to say a little something about blessings.
I feel that working for Jaden this last couple of weeks has been a blessing. Not only to me and Kelly but for Mark as well. 
See….we all have lives to live, stresses to deal with and problems to solve. 
What has been the blessing is focusing on something other than these stresses of life. 
I have seen grown men cry this week. I have seen Mark to the point of absolute exhaustion. I have come home myself and fell asleep before I ate dinner. The only thing I didn’t forget to do was to set the alarm for the next morning. 
We needed to be there for this family. 
There is no question in my mind that Jaden has helped all of us as much as we have helped him. I will keep this post short so I can spend a little time with my children and teach them that blessings come in many forms……..Oh yea I also need to go set the alarm.
See you all tomorrow…..

Monte Tareski

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