Bike Multiple Sclerosis: Team Loretta Scott By Rhiannon Leppert

Multiple Sclerosis Society Spokane Washington

Passion is not for the faint of heart.  You either have it, or you don’t.

Helmet strapped securely.  MP3 player programmed and ready.  Cycling shoes and their distinctive “click” into the pedals.  Hundreds of cyclists, beginners and advanced, all with one common goal in mind: to raise awareness and money for the Spokane Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  One hundred-fifty miles of heart pumping, endurance testing, character building, friendship strengthening, faith enhancing cycling along the Trail Of the Coeur d’Alenes.

Every September, this two-day event kicks off in Mullan, Id where individual riders and teams speed down the Trail Of the Coeur d’Alenes toward Plummer, Id.  The end of day one is highlighted by a celebratory dinner at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Hotel, where inspiring messages of hope and triumph are delivered by some with MS.  Day two starts off again in Plummer, where we pedal our way back to Mullan.  My team is Team Loretta Scott, named after two people close to myself and my teammates who have been afflicted by MS.  Loretta passed away nearly four years ago from Multiple Sclerosis complications, while Scott was diagnosed nearly four years ago with MS.  It is only fitting, then, that nearly four years ago I formed our team, and we’ll continue to ride until a cure can be found.  We ride in memory of Loretta and in honor of Scott!

Each cyclist out there has a passion for riding bikes and finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  True passion can be found in actions, not words.  One hundred-fifty miles to a cure?  We don’t know, but we’re sure willing to find out!

Rhiannon Leppert
Team Captain
Team Loretta Scott

Monte Tareski