Big R in Mead by Spokane Grapevine

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As you may or may not know. We recently decided to build a chicken enclosure and coop. What you don’t know about that story is where we got the materials to put it all together. We spent many an hour wandering the isles of the Big R store in Mead.  Never once were we disappointed with the service we have received at this store.  There is always someone walking by that works there and they are always asking if you need any help. As you can imagine the process of building anything with a wife can involve several changes in the blueprint. Not that that is a bad thing in any way but……True all the same.  Never was it a problem with all the “mind changing”…..and I’ll be honest. I changed my mind several times as well…..
But here is the deal….
It was a one stop shopping experience.
I couldn’t be more satisfied as a customer.
When it was all built and it was time to pick out the “chicks” that experience was a fun family experience as well…..
And we put that gal thru the paces…let me tell you.Three kids picking out baby chicks can be a trying experience for any veteran customer service representative. Not once in the 1/2 hour we monopolized this woman did we get the feeling that we were inconveniencing her.
My hat is off to the management staff at Big R in Mead. They have instilled a sense of customer service in thier employees that is without question one of the most postive shoping experiences in Spokane. They will always have a loyal customer with the Tareski Family….

All 40 of us….
19 Chickens
5 Finches
4 Guinea Keets 
2 Dogs
2 Cats
2 Goats
5 People 
and…..ONE Duck

Monte Tareski