Bajio Mexican Grill by Spokane Grapevine

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 Bajio Mexican Grill

I wanted to keep this one very short for two reasons. One; I didn’t want to detract from yesterday’s VERY important post. And two; It was a quick and easy meal at a quick and easy price.

I know……I know this isn’t exactly a “local” restaraunt. But it is owned by some local ffolks….and we had one of the most fantastc Mexican fast meals we had ever eaten. If you really are looking for something Mexican and not on the lines of “Taco Bell” but you dont nesicarily have the time for a sit down type meal then by all means you need to stop in here and try out their fare. Authentic shells and the meal was fresh made to order right in front of us. It didn’t have that overbearing “fat” taste like you find at the fast food joints. Just a simple meal at a simple price…..Ya can’t go wrong with that…hey?
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