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Today’s post is about a wonderful couple of ladies that has one mission; to make you a piece of jewelry like no other. Well they may have other missions, but this is the only one I am aware of. What I mean by that is that they take what you are passionate about and turn it into jewelery. They stamp and create, and in between their main jobs of being moms, they make small pieces of joy for each and every one of their customers. Just ask Kelly. She had them make her a necklace for her. See we own GardenStone and our symbol is a Dragonfly……Check out the necklace.

Along with being artists they are a couple of really cool gals, each raising three children….Hey wait a minute let me look on their website…….ahhh here you go. I’ll let THEM tell you about themselves.

“We are two fun-loving and creative moms who live in the great Northwest.  We are both married to supportive husbands and spend our days raising three children each, of varying ages, with all the carpools, dinners on the fly, and special moments along the way.   Fueled by coffee, laughter and grace, we forged into the world of hand- stamped personalized jewelry and accessories!  We LOVE it and often find our cupboards bare because we would much rather be metal stamping than grocery shopping.  Work should always be this much fun!”

Well…that really puts it all in a “nut-shell” for ya and heck, it was less for me to write…. But seriously, they really are passionate about what they do and they will transform your passion into theirs. Hey, you wanna know a secret too? [Pssst],  They are really affordable too….There I said it. Cheep and Cool (yes, I know I spelled that wrong but it made me smile). When I say Cheep [ha] I don’t mean that they use inexpensive materials for their creations, they are just very affordable and COOL. They even do small parties. So in conclusion….Buy their stuff! You won’t regret the purchase you can hand down for generations to come.

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