Another Testimonial From The Corner Cottage

Spokane Grapevine Discount Card The Corner Cottage

As a merchant I find the Spokane Grapevine Discount Card to be a great asset to the community. Not only does it support the “Buy Local” movement….or as I like to call it…”The Local Motion”, it gives the community a chance to give back by supporting local non-profit organizations, offers the consumers great deals through out our great city and brings new business to our small “local” businesses which means economically we are supporting one another. It has also been a great tool for the merchants as it has built a bridge that has allowed us to start communicating with one another, meet one another and led to an outstanding support group in which we share ideas, goals, and a sounding board if needed. The program is simple, effective and of no cost to the participating merchants. I not only recommend it, but I strongly encourage any and all local businesses owners to join us in this local program. No matter how you look at it its a win/win for all 🙂

Trish Comrie

Corner Cottage

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Monte Tareski