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Hmmmmm…..have you ever thought of starting a business with just a pile of paper? Well Nate and Mary Eberle did, and what a business they have become! Ok…So I am a guy and really, flowers aren’t my thing. I do rocks for pete’s sake, but I must say as a fellow artist (yes there is an art to rock placing) that what they do with paper is actually quite amazing. aNeMonE has taken the art of flower making to a whole new level. The amount of detail and work that goes into each of their flowers and arrangements must be staggering. That is something I can truely respect. All the prittyness and floweryness aside these things are just plain cool!

Enough about the product….What about the people you ask? Well lemmie tell ya. We had a opportunity to meet Mary at their new store at 309 W 2nd ave. She, along with her staff was gracious and fun. Although we were not there to purchase anything at the time, they were happy to take the time to explain and show us what they do. Mary and Nate have grown their business from one small store in River Park Square to some new digs on 2nd right next to Eclectic Gifts and Finder’s Keepers. It is worth your time to take a walk about in that new revitalized district of Spokane. When you do, be sure to check out aNeMonE and Say hi to Mary for us……No really, I mean it…..Tell um Spokane Grapevine sent ya!  🙂

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