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All You Can Eat by Richard Harlan Miller is a comic literary novel with an unusual twist: No fangs, no cloaks, no menaced teenagers, no V-word.
Leather bars and Mexican cantinas, online dating and Volkswagen repair, Nietzsche’s sex life and Abe Lincoln’s nose—All You Can Eat turns the vampire genre upside down as it explores the undying struggle between hunger and morality.
“…Miller’s characters break from the vampire stereotypes… making it one of the more refreshing alternatives to the been-there, done-that genre of vampire novels.” —Publishers Weekly
The main character of All You Can Eat, is Darius. He is unlike the menacing vampires of the silver screen or the glittery heartthrob teen vampires of recent popularity. Instead, he’s reserved and quiet. He drinks expensive wine, reads, and wanders the Spokane skywalk system connected to his condo. He meets Seattle women through a dating website, and when he really needs to, kills them. Life is fine.
Until the arrival of Luke, an old friend who can’t stay out of trouble. He brings an invitation to a counterculture festival in Montana, where old, powerful Dimitri and his twisted teen assistant Tomas are luring a smorgasbord of young people. Dimitri wants Luke and Darius to attend, and Dimitri has a way of getting what he wants.
Darius could simply take his passports and leave his life behind—he’s done it before—but he’s begun to fall for one of his intended victims, a 37-year-old Seattle nurse named Susan. She’s intelligent, snarky, and wary because of a brutal attack in her past: nothing like Darius’ usual fare.
Among hippies and homicides at Glacier National Park, Darius must finally decide whether to deny his humanity or embrace it.
Richard Millerwill discuss All You Can Eat at a release and signing event at Auntie’s Bookstore on October 18, 2011 from 7:00-9:00 pm.
Richard H. Millerwas born in Idaho, grew up in Marin County, California, went to college in Santa Cruz, spent a few decades editing newspapers—including the Spokesman-Review in Spokane—and now works for Washington State University. This is his first novel.
All You Can Eat
Richard Harlan Miller

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