Adventure Courage Joy: A Guest Post Stolen From Chelsea Dannen

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“I Have To Do ALL The Grown-Up Work!”

I dreaded summertime as an 8 year old. Every morning when I woke up, I had a list of chores screaming at me – Vacuum the upstairs! Scrub the inside AND outside of toilets! Weed the garden! Dust the living room! Make your bed! Sweep AND mop the kitchen!! By about week 3 of Cinderella-dom, I was downright resentful. Mom walked through the door after a long day of work to find the most dramatic version of myself waiting with my arms crossed. Mustering courage to confront Mom, I announced “I DO ALL THE GROWN UP WORK AROUND HERE!”

I still don’t understand why she felt laughter was the only way to handle the situation.
Looking back on my 8 year old soap opera, I see how good I had it. My mother taught me that life doesn’t happen when you’re sitting on your bum, you have to DO it. To this day, I still have to make those lists (a smidge more subtle than the screaming chore lists):
  1. Take control of your life.
  2. Show your friends and family you love them.
  3. Don’t drink too much wine.
  4. Sing out your fears and frustrations.
  5. Definitely drink too much wine.
  6. Choose joy.
  7. Don’t forget the lessons you were taught long ago; childhood wisdom is a gift.
Growing up is hard. Friendships change that you thought never would. Your parents are suddenly human. You work 40 hours a week…. And the lists seem to only get longer.
Find joy in crossing off chores of the past and writing new adventures for the future. What is on your next list?
Chelsea Dannen is an EWU Graduate who sees the beauty in Spokane. She currently works at the Spokane Better Business Bureau and enjoys writing about her Spokane adventures in her spare time.

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