A Tribute to Jack

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Ok……I know. This isn’t a blog post about another business or charity but sometimes I just have to stop and enjoy the small things in life. Anyone who truly knows my wife and I they will tell you that we treat our pets as part of the family. They make us smile and laugh….and sometimes cry. As I reflect back on the year, there are many things I remember but some of the most memorable moments and joyous times were playing with our dogs.

We lost our precious little Jack half way thru the year. I can honestly say that I don’t think my heart has ever hurt as much as it did that day. He will never be forgotten for all the joy he brought us. With the loss came a new beginning, not only with a new puppy but with a new way of looking at life for me. I know, you may be saying to yourself…..It was just a dog. Well it did change my perception and quite honestly became a driver for what I do with The Spokane Grapevine. See…..I realized two things. One…It can all end in an instant. And Two….what have I done to touch others and leave a mark.

I do this post as not only a tribute to what was, but what IS. Today is what I can change, yesterday is gone and tomorrow will bring new promise. I can’t change what happened with Jack but, I CAN take what I  learned that day and apply it to what I do today. If it seems as if I am rambling then maybe I am. I do know without a doubt that I will never forget that little dinker-doodle and look forward to the many new joys that Lucy will bring…..If I can ever get over all that grunting and snorting…….She is quite the handful :-)…..

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