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I have been wanting to raise chickens for a few years now.  And this year Monte has supported my adventure whole hearted.  He has been helping me all week, prep for the chicken enclosure, move in my coop, built me stone steps down to the coop area, picked up supplies to build the enclosure and so on.
While I have been helping, I have also been doing research on the types of  chickens I want to raise, how to care for the baby chicks, how long to brood them before they can go out in there new home and most importantly: how many chickens can I house in the coop and enclosure I have planned for them.
I finally discovered the answer to that last part, I shrieked with excitement and
Monte had a heart attack.
You see, I discovered that I can house 30 to 40 chicken very comfortably.  And all this time planning, I kept telling Monte that the area  was to small.  The girls will need plenty of room to run around so they will be happy birds.
So after about 15 minutes of CPR, I revived Monte.  We had a brief chat about the number of chicken we would actually get.  Monte says 8-10 will be plenty.  I am holding out for a dozen plus the 2 Keets he really wants.
Either way, they will be happy birds with all that spaceā€¦
Ta Ta For Now
 Editor’s note: Kelly Tareski is the co-owner of Spokane Grapevine. She has her own blog  called My Take on Life and to be quite honest it is pretty funny (I’m not just saying that because she is my wife….It actually makes me laugh almost every day). If you click on her name/picture it will take you to her blog. Or you can Click Here……

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