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I read a Facebook status this morning posted by one of my dear friends Julia.  I thought it was simple, but yet so profound.

“People say ‘it’s the little things you appreciate more…” “What exactly are those things?” I often wondered. When I finished transplanting strawberry plants I cried. It’s such a little thing–a nothing. Yet not. I got it back AND I have my Aria alive and well. I stay in the world of cancer because I want EVERY parent to know what a second chance feels like! I ask you to stay in too and give families this chance.”

You see, her life has been consumed for the last 3 years dealing with her daughter’s cancer.  And this spring is the first time since that roller-coaster ride that she and her family are reclaiming life as it should be.  We have been talking about how all of her beautiful gardens were consumed by weeds beyond recognition of the glory they once were.  And how she is so excited to reclaim them, salvage what perennials she can and start fresh.  Julia recently told me a cute little story of all three of her children playing barefoot and rolling down the fresh pile (12 yards) of garden soil we had delivered to her home.  What a simple joy, that most of us probably take for granted.
Now I can relate to Julia saying she cried after transplanting her strawberries.  I too, also cried after I planted the first items in my garden this year.  I am sure we shed our tears for totally different reasons.  But the fact that something so simple invoked such a strong emotional response of appreciation and gratitude.
This got me to thinking about the little things in my life that make me so happy and to reaffirm within myself that it is truly the LITTLE THINGS that are so important.
Here are just a few of those things:

* Watching my husband rejoice in totally pride of our son making a tackle

*Planting my garden

* Watching my children explore and discover new things.  Letting them touch that cactus, even though you told them it will hurt.

* My critters.  All of my animals from the donkeys, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, turkeys bring me such joy.

* Simple beauty.  It is found everywhere, everyday.  You just have to open your heart to see it and your eyes to appreciate it.

* There are so many reason my husband makes me happy.

He makes me laugh everyday, he takes pride in his work, he loves his children and makes them a true priority in his life, he supports my creative side unconditionally, he does not hesitate to help someone in need, I could go on and on about the things he does that make me happy and proud to be his wife.

* My children embracing  all the animals on our farm.  And better yet, embracing all the work that comes with having these animals and NOT complaining about doing any of the critter chores.  And yes, I love watching my boy’s having a donkey poop war in the pasture while handling there chore of cleaning up the poop.

The more I sit here and write this post, the more I realize how blessed I am.  I have struggles and stresses in my life, just as everyone does.  But, I realize that those stresses and struggles are NOT the important things in my life.  I must remind myself to focus on all those beautiful LITTLE THINGS, for those are the things that speak to my heart and lift my spirits high.
Ta Ta For Now

Monte Tareski