A Legacy For The Extreme Team

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By Mark Peterson…..

Tonight I received the G Man Award from Jaden’s Grandfather. I accepted it on behalf of the Jadens Journey Extreme Team.
   As you can see Jaden was there and having a great night. He loves to touch my hair and his soft touch on my hands brought me to tears again. Accepting the award brought more tears and typing this you guessed it tearing up. I got a kiss on the head by Jaden. I’ll consider it an early Christmas gift, bringing a joy and a feeling of appreciation for what I have and for what others go through. 
John and Brooke were so wonderful and continue to pour love on their boy. They never take a minute for granted and cherish time with Jaden.
   So my Christmas wish is to take their lead. Cherish those around you , touch softly and kiss them on the head lightly. Jaden’s Kiss still so very powerful from such a small 8 year old miracle.
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Sincerely Mark.

Monte Tareski

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