A helping hand: A guest blog post by Courtney Shirk

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Imagine being able to help anyone… to help everyone. Imagine a person coming into your office destitute… crying, hopeless. Imagine that their family is starving and they’re losing their home. The tension from having no money is causing havoc in their marriage, causing the children to feel insecure and they are suffering at school. Imagine that this person who’s just come into your office is their sole provider, the one who carries the burden of the security of their futures on his/her shoulders. Close your eyes and visualize what a completely broken down and helpless individual looks like, and how they feel. About themselves, and about the world around them.

Now imagine that you’re on the other side of that desk. Imagine that you are able to sit down with this person and in a matter of minutes become their confidante, their friend, their mentor. With the resources and abilities you have, you are able to help them fill out paperwork and get immediate assistance for them at home… and you can also begin polishing up their resume, fine tuning their skills, UPDATING their skills with classes and training. Coaching them on how to interview, how to dress, how to present themselves with a firm handshake and a straight look in the eyes. Can you even begin to imagine the self-confidence, pride and sense of worth you’re able to give back to this person?

This is what we do at Career Path Services. We create self-sufficient, hard working, independent people. We stimulate the economy by empowering people to earn their own living. We enhance the workforce by teaching and coaching these people on good morals and workplace ethics and when we connect these people to employers… we enrich our communities. Washington state is our home, and we work everyday to bring up those who are down and give hope to those less fortunate. I am proud to work here because in my eyes, all of these employees are public servants.
Courtney Shirk is a married, full time working Mother of one. Her passions involve children, helping the less fortunate, supporting local Spokane businesses and most importantly, spending time with her family. She’s also a complete computer geek.

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