Pigs Can Be A Pain

Country Take Monte's Take

So many of you know that we have raised many different types of animals. From goats to pigs, chickens to donkeys. Each animal has it’s own set of unique do’s and don’ts. For example. Don’t try to get too close to the male donkey when he is eating and NEVER approach him from the rear unless you want a “sweet…

My Mini Donkey’s

Country Take Kelly's Take

Last Spring my Mini Mediterranean Donkey pair (Westly & Buttercup) became the proud parents of a little female.  To our surprise she was born almost pure white.  We were expecting to see a grey mini.  Needless to say, we adore her.  She has been so fun to watch grow.  She is 9 months old now, happy, healthy and spunky.

Grammar Police

Kelly's Take

I know I should pay better attention than I do on the use of proper grammar when I am writing, but I must confess that I do not really care.  If I use the wrong “there” or “you’re” instead of “you are”  and another one I abuse often is “course” vs “coarse”.  In my defense, I write like I talk,…

The Simple Truth

Monte's Take Quotable Quotes

Sometimes this simplest things will make me take a quick stock of where I am and where I want to be. I randomly clicked on an email link this afternoon and got a very welcome message. It was quite frankly where I am today. Especially today when life took a great turn. I believe the following statement to be true….

Guilty Pleasure…

Kelly's Take Take A Taste

Several years ago, my husband and I made a dramatic change in our eating style.  The change was simple enough, just very dramatic from what we were doing.  You see, we simply changed to eating whole foods.  What does that mean?  Well to put it in simple terms:  an apple is an apple and nothing else which equals a whole…

The First Real Snow Of 2015

Country Take Monte's Take

  Some of the stuff I will write about will be…Well…mundane. Some of you may find it fun. Like this post for example. You see there is some things that make living in the country more inherently difficult than living in town. Lets use a heavy snowfall as an example. Well, since it has always been a way of life…

Introducing The DeWalt Milk Frother

Monte's Take Take A Taste

You will soon get a feel for how I like to write. I tend to get a bit real and try to be humorous in most things in my life. So with that being said, you may find it enjoyable to read my posts. Sometimes my posts will be long and sometimes (most of the time) they will be short…

What Makes You Happy?

Kelly's Take

I am one of those people who struggle with “seasonal depression”.  This time of year, when the days are shorter, the sky is mostly grey and that constant nip in the air all play havoc on my regular happy go lucky self.  I must remind myself that this is temporary and search for the little things each day that make…

Monte’s First Post

Monte's Take

  This is my first post is just to introduce myself.   Hello I’m Monte 😉     Yours Truly Monte Tareski

A Fresh Start

Kelly's Take

  Happy New Year Some of you may remember my blog when I was writing on a regular basis.  Then all of a sudden I was gone.  Let me give you a quick summary of why.  (1) I had been contemplating for a short time that I may need to take a break from my writing.  (2) Then my blog…