Buying Local Is Not Difficult

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We spent the day in the SoDo District, Downtown and West Downtown and in 5 short hours we were able to find every Christmas gift we set out to find. The best part is that we spent all of our season’s dollars in Spokane with local merchants. We are not saying this to brag but rather to point out how…

Purchase Grapevine Discount Cards

Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

Please support one of these great LOCAL Charities! We will make arrangements for you to pick up the cards or we can send them to you.

Promote Yourself, No One Else Is Going To

Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

Look at the title. I have to take that back…somewhat. We are willing and able to promote you. Most times for free. But here is the catch. You as a business owner need to ask or at least take the time. We will give you all the tools and even teach you how to use them but… and no one…

Family Time

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Sorry…no real post tonight. We are having family movie night…..At least I got a post in though… Monte & Kelly TareskiSocial Media 13Twitter Marketing Tips And TricksFacebook Marketing Tips and TricksBlogging ReporterSpokane Grapevine on BloggerSpokane Grapevine on TwitterSpokane Grapevine’s YouTubeSpokane Grapevine on FacebookCascading CreationsMy Take on Life Blog

Thank You KXLY For The Great Story

Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

Grapevine Discount Card by KXLY’s Aaron Luna At the Corner Cottage in Hillyard, you can find pink porcelain pumps or painted tea pots. And if you bring the purple card you can also find some significant savings. The card is the Spokane Grapevine Discount Card. The brain child of Monte Tareski, the $25 dollar discount card offers consumers a variety…

Our New Home Behind Corner Cottage In Hillyard

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Spokane Grapevine has landed in Spokane. This is a subtle announcement but we have a new office in Spokane…. We are located at 5210 1/2 North Market. We are behind one of  the most popular boutiques in Spokane Corner Cottage. Without much fanfare and not a whole lot of hoopla we have moved in and are ready to hold our…

Current List Of Businesses: Grapevine Discount Card

Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

THE CARDS ARE HERE Below is a list of Merchants that are participating in the program so far. We are adding 2-5 new merchants a day and they are offering some really great discounts. You can always keep up on the latest merchants and offers by going to the…… Spokane Grapevine Discount Card Website A Personal Fit Aloha Island Grill…


Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

The long awaited Spokane Grapevine Discount Cards Have arrived! In this first run we only have 300 to distribute so you had better get out and get yours now. We have several locations you can go to get them. If you want to donate your $25.00 to Cancer Patient Care the cards can be found at Finder’s Keepers on W….

Remember The Day: December 7th 1941

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Just a reminder lest we forget….So many sacrificed for our freedom….Thank you just doesn’t seem enough….

Amazing Day

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When you get to go out and visit these kind of quality business leaders around town it makes for a very fulfilling day. I must say that I am a little tired of talking….So with that I will just shut up and show you who I met with today…..I love what we do! Monte & Kelly TareskiSocial Media 13Twitter Marketing…