Recent Blogging Workshop

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I recently was asked to host a Blogging Workshop at the Launchpad INW downtown facility. I must say that it was a great meeting of some really fun up and coming blogs and a few that have been around for quite awhile. In the span of two hours we went over so many good topics that it would be hard…

Barn Sale At Red Gate Farm

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We went to the Red Gate Barn Sale in Cheney this morning. The Sale will be going on tomorrow too. If you like vintage or home spun and hand made items then this sale is for you. If you get the chance take the drive. You won’t be disappointed. Check um out on Facebook! Over 25 vendors will be selling collectibles,…

Extreme Team Reveal Shane Reilly

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This has been one hectic week….I am gonna take a break from a long post and just make it all automated. Shane Reilly was shot nearly 5 months ago and left partially paralyzed. Now, he’s trying to rebuild his life. KXLY4’s Mark Peterson and the Extreme team stepped in to help Renovate his family’s home in Spokane’s Perry District to…

Day Four Live Cut In Extreme Team Shane Reilly

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Mark Peterson does a “behind the scenes” of a live cut in Less than an hour ago on the Extreme Team Shane Reilly Project…..5:55 am August 18th 2011. I just thought I would share. Monte & Kelly TareskiSpokane Grapevine on BloggerSpokane Grapevine on TwitterSpokane Grapevine’s YouTubeSpokane Grapevine on FacebookCascading CreationsMy Take on Life Blog

How’s Business? Spokane! August 15-19

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Here is a short teaser on Ed Clark’s How’s Business? Spokane. You can sign up for his complete news letter by CLICKING HERE….. Two spectacular events within two weeks have one thing in common Genia Seghetti. Genia is the owner of Mia Bella Eventi Productions an event composing company for medium and large corporate or private events, weddings, non-profits and…

Day Two And Three Extreme Team In Video

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I have to say that being involved with this has been exhausting…but I am blessed by the company I keep and the ability to BE tired from working……Here are some great video’s of the progress in the last couple of days.

Day One Extreme Team By Mark Peterson

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Here a quick story on day one…this is the wall that Clow construction cleaned and prepped for VPI Home solutions to come cover with this Hardy siding that was delivered to our site by this truck, nice driver and clean truck on time by ProBuild.  Inside was a couple of guys who seem to work for a rather quiet company…

Extreme Team Day One Shane Reilly Project

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Day one of the Shane Reilly project for the Extreme Team has come and been conquered. I am writing this at around 7:30 P.M. and I just got home. I was there with Deacon Band of Band Construction mapping out the events to come for tomorrow. The kicker is that Mark Peterson left about 5 minutes before Deacon and myself….

The Sunday Jitters By Mark Peterson

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So the jitters have set in on this Sunday…yea it could be the two quad mochas, but that was hours ago… It really comes down to what will happen this week.  The Extreme Team is a body of people who really get moving but I have asked many to drop what they are doing and join in…sooo many calls ,…

How’s Your Online Reputation?

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I have a simple post tonight. We went to a pet store out in the valley this evening and picked up a new dog. The dog really isn’t part of the story other, than to say that we went there to pick her up. What is the story is that before we went out to the un-named pet store, I…