Deer Park Settlers Day

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SETTLERS DAY: Friday and Saturday, July 23rd – 24th EVENTS: 9:30 AM TO NOON Settler’s Day 5K Day Dash: Pick up numbers at Arcadia, course will be in front of the parade – 9:30 am Kiddies Parade line-up: No application is needed, meet at Stevens and Crawford. Decorate your bike or wagon, wear a costume and enjoy – 9:45 am…

Fun With Twitter And KXLY

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I found this really old picture of KXLY’s logo….. It’s from 1966 I found it ironic that they had twitter back in 1966…..I think they called it a chicken coop though. I had a great time this morning helping Nadine, Mark and Mike get the feel for their relatively new twitter accounts. For a moment there I thought Nadine was…

My Daughter Madison

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My Daughter, who is 8 years old mind you, is now writing a guest blog post once a week on my wife’s blog My Take On Life Below is an snippet of the post (Click on the title [Critter Chores] to read the whole post) It is a proud moment when a man’s daughter starts to spread her wings…… Critter Chores Here…

What Are Your Key Words?

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In the last coupe of days I have been working with Clients on figuring out their Key Words….. That got me to thinking… Do you know what your Key Words are? What are Key Words? You may ask. Key Words are the three or four words that best describe you and whatever it is you are trying to brand. If…

My Take On Life: Follow Up Changes

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I am not going to write a whole lot today. I have been working on my wife’s blog…..YOU  have to go look at My Take On Life….Pay particular attention to the bar at the bottom of the page. This is the most interactive you can be on a website or blog without a doubt. I love the look and feel…

My Take On Life: A Branding Story

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I have spent the last week on and off taking my wife to the next level of branding. I don’t mean that I stuck her with a hot iron…….although……  Naw just kidding. What I have been working on is coaching her into how to use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and different tools in her own website to create a single uniform…

Bloggin’ From The Tent

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I decided to take a break from writing a real blog post (oh, wait….that’s what I’m doing) and just give you a snapshot into our lives. This is where I spend many an evening giving you a glimpse into Spokane while my wife is soaking in the outdoor tub. I know it’s not much of a post but, as you…

Franks Diner North

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Once again Franks Diner on the North Side of Spokane did not let us down. We have always said that they make the best breakfasts in town and they always seem to come thru when they need to. The food is always fresh and prepared and presented well. They must spend a lot of time and energy finding just the…

Spokane Metro Magazine

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  This will be another short post but I do feel it is an important one. We spent some time this evening with the editors and contributing authors of Spokane Metro Magazine. You may be aware that the magazine was on a brief hiatus but is back with a writing and editing staff that has no match in this town….

Knapp’s Farm In Greenbluff

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Short post today. We spent some time up at Greenbluff today. In particular we went to Knapp farm to pick strawberries. I have to say that it was worth the drive. Not only is the fruit fresh but what a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with the family. Pick what you are going to eat for dinner? Priceless….