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A Little About Gonzaga University And Wes Oliver

Gonzaga University spokane grapevine Wes Oliver

A regional development officer, Wes Oliver shares many of the same hopes held by our Gonzaga benefactors. First, that kids who come to Gonzaga will be able to enjoy the same experiences that he had when he was here as a student and, second, “a National Championship in Basketball would be nice.” Here is what else Wes had to say…

Mainstream Media And Social Media With KXLY

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Spokane Grapevine has been hired by KXLY to provide Social Media Consulting to the Good Morning Northwest Staff. Nadine Woodward Mike Gonzales Mark Peterson Colleen O’Brien and Erik Loney   Our weekly meetings involve subjects from facebook to blogging and everything in between. Having just come from our third seminar I felt compelled to write a little something. I am…

Sometimes It’s Just About Kids and Kritters

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I spent the weekend just catering to my son’s birthday guests. I didn’t visit any businesses to review. I didn’t do a lick of work. I just spent the entire weekend with Kids and Kritters. So I just thought I would share the pictures from the weekend! My only question is…..If I didn’t do any work, why am I so…

Downtown Spokane A Guest Post By Cheryl-Anne Millsap

Cheryl-Anne Millsap downtown spokane Spokane Blogs spokane business spokane grapevine

I spent most of the winter traveling and much of the early spring stuck in the house nursing an injured tendon, my foot propped up and on ice. I didn’t get downtown as much as I usually do. But one day last week I had back-to-back meetings in two separate locations so I parked my car in the middle and…

Just Wanted To Share

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Sometimes when you find a cool picture you just need to share…. So here you go…We at Spokane Grapevine love this town!   Monte & Kelly TareskiSpokaneGrape on Twitter Spokane GrapevineCascading CreationsGardenStoneEmail

Off To To The Society Of Professional Journalists!

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Have you ever been really tired? Have you ever been really tired and then you still had one meeting to go to?  That is the case for me today….. However, I am honored to be on the board and I feel it is that important to attend. These are open board meetings and I encourage anyone who blogs to attend….

Blog Love….Bring It!

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It’s Prom Season At Finders Keepers

Deena Caruso finders keepers Prom Dresses spokane business Spokane Shopping.

You all know what time of year it is….. Well at least your teen age daughters do… It’s Prom Season again and where else would you go but Deena Caruso’s shop on Main. 18 West Main to be exact. Yep you guessed it. Finders Keepers They have the best selection of one of a kind dresses in the Northwest. Bar…

Why A Blog Post A Day?

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So….I got into a discussion this morning with Billie Gaura of Rainmaker Marketing. The topic was Blogging. If you ever wonder why I blog every day, it is to provide Fresh Content…… This is a great example. No matter how tired I am, I can still come up with something in less than 10 minutes. And It’s not just for…