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A Home Divided ~ Seahawks vs Packers

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Madison & Colby Tareski ~ Seahawks vs Packers

Today is the NFC Championship game with the Seattle Seahawks and the Greenbay Packers.  We are for sure a family that loves football.  We have been looking forward to today’s game all week.  However, there is a bit of tension in our home today, because our twins, Colby and Madison are divided on who they are cheering for today. Well,…

New Perspective

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A New Perspective

In a lot of respects 2014 was a tough year. I am never one to dwell on the past. Yesterday is gone, today is here and tomorrow is yet to come. With that in mind I have gained a new prospective on our future. There are many exciting things to come this year. I strongly feel my life has taken…

Did You Know…

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0845 FB WM

Here is a little tid bit some of you may not know about me.  I am a photographer.  I specialize in natural light, outdoor photography.  I have the privileged of being able to work from my home.  I live on 6 acres and have spent a lot of time creating photography venues on my property.  When I say “I have”,…

Our Vacuum Sucks

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Dust Blowing Sign

Many of my posts you will find will be the inherent difference in which my wife and I see things. This indeed is such a post.   The set up: My wife decided to clean the pantry today. This by itself will be a whole post dedicated to me (the saver) and her (the thrower away-er). Suffice to say that…

Go Hawks…

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Truck 12th man FB WM

  Today is a playoff game for our returning Superbowl Champions the Seattle Seahawks.  My husband and I have been Hawk fans even when it was not popular to be one.  Last year, just before the Superbowl game, we as a family decided to do a fun photo shoot to show our support for the team.  I thought it would…

Pigs Can Be A Pain

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So many of you know that we have raised many different types of animals. From goats to pigs, chickens to donkeys. Each animal has it’s own set of unique do’s and don’ts. For example. Don’t try to get too close to the male donkey when he is eating and NEVER approach him from the rear unless you want a “sweet…

My Mini Donkey’s

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Baby Donkey Family 9627 FB WM

Last Spring my Mini Mediterranean Donkey pair (Westly & Buttercup) became the proud parents of a little female.  To our surprise she was born almost pure white.  We were expecting to see a grey mini.  Needless to say, we adore her.  She has been so fun to watch grow.  She is 9 months old now, happy, healthy and spunky.

Grammar Police

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I know I should pay better attention than I do on the use of proper grammar when I am writing, but I must confess that I do not really care.  If I use the wrong “there” or “you’re” instead of “you are”  and another one I abuse often is “course” vs “coarse”.  In my defense, I write like I talk,…

The Simple Truth

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Abraham Lincolin

Sometimes this simplest things will make me take a quick stock of where I am and where I want to be. I randomly clicked on an email link this afternoon and got a very welcome message. It was quite frankly where I am today. Especially today when life took a great turn. I believe the following statement to be true….