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I recently had the opportunity to attend an event that to be quite honest, I thought would be kind of….well let’s just say…lame.
I figured that there would be a couple of schools represented and a few dozen kids competing in a small classroom. 
Little did I know…..
When I arrived at Mt Spokane High there was literally no where to park.
I figured well there must be some sporting event that night as well.
I walked in the door and the halls were packed with litterally hundreds of 5th graders from all over the Northwest. 
Pullman to Colville and Post Falls to Ritzville
And every school in between!
It was Pandemonium.
I sat in a classroom with 12 other sets of parents as I watched my son compete in what I would have to say was one of the most impressive displays of math skills I had ever seen.
I had my iPad out and quite honestly couln’t keep up with these kids that were doing all the math in their heads and on a scribble sheet in front of them.
The evening culminated in a gathering, of what had to be over 3000 people all there to cheer on thier own sons and daughters in the Mt. Spokane High auditorium.
The kids were having a blast and I got caught up in it as well.
My Kid’s school recived 5th place honors and at that point I don’t think I could have been any more proud.

Those who say that our education system is lacking in the Math department has obviously never been to one of these things…..
All I have to say now is that I feel…

Monte Tareski

0 thoughts on “Math Is Cool by Spokane Grapevine”

  1. MindiTheMagnificent - March 26, 2011 7:40 am

    Math is VERY cool. Our sixth grader participated several weeks back. Their school place second overall. It was so fun to watch these kids geek out and be excited over it. At one point I leaned over to a fellow mom and whispered, "I love that my kids are geeks!".
    So very proud of our Mathletes!

  2. Funky Junk Antique Show - March 27, 2011 12:58 pm

    Well, my husband is a math teacher, so I must agree=)…Thankfully my boys have picked up his genetics for math so far, not mine!!