Washington State Drone Tour

Drone Footage Monte's Take


    I started out my big adventure to the NCAA tournament in Spokane. I thought I would take a minute and get some Drone footage of the Gonzaga campus and the athletic center on my way out of town. Enjoy the post and keep your eye out for more drone footage as I cross the state. Check in with…

Drone View Of Downtown Spokane WA Enjoy The View

Drone Footage Monte's Take


Getting drone view¬†of downtown Spokane WA can be a challenge. So we (Kelly and I) were doing a photo shoot yesterday for iMortgage Spokane. Ok to be truthful, SHE was doing a photo shoot and I was moving furniture around their office for the clients to sit on. The important thing is that I was there spending quality time supporting…

Drone Crash At Bull Hill Guest Ranch First Hand View

Drone Footage Monte's Take


Have you ever wondered what a drone crash looks like up close? Take a look at this drone crash footage from Bull Hill Guest Ranch. So you can’t exactly expect to log the kind of hours I have done behind the controls of a drone and not expect a few mishaps… We have spent a great deal of time at…

Nine Mile Falls Fire Drone Footage

Drone Footage Monte's Take

Drone 4500 FB WM

Hi All!   I’ve decided to start doing a regular series of posts of some of the great footage I am getting with my drone. I am not one of those drone pilots that will fly my drone into a flock of endangered birds or buzz people just to be funny. I take the responsibility of drone ownership and proper…