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The most important of all virtues is courage,

because without courage you can’t practice

any other virtue with consistency.

~Maya Angelou

I am a Bonus Mom and proud to be.
Courage does not come into play when you first become a bonus mom.
 You're all hopped up on goof balls in love,
everyone is filled with excitement.

Courage comes later, when the dust settles.
When the realities of your new blended family come into the light.
When the days, months and years pass and new challenges arise.
For me, my most difficult challenge to date is dealing
with a biological mom who just can't accept that there is a
bonus mom in her children's lives.

It is sad to me that being a bonus mom in today's society
still has a negative rap to a certain degree.
Stereotyped out of the classic fairy tales of the wicked stepmother.
As a bonus mom, I am expected to do all the same things a
caring and nurturing biological mom would do.
But, I am "just" a bonus mom.
How about the phrase "you're not my real mom", although I
have not heard this phrase in my home.  I am not so nieve to
think that it could not happen in the future.

I know I have the courage to persevere the challenges.
I know I am mom in our home.
I know I will always do my best to care for and nurture
my bonus children and teach them to walk a path that is
loving, kind, respectful and grateful.
I know my bonus children love me, but I also know they at times
struggle with feeling guilty for loving me.
I know God will give me the grace I need to deal with their feelings.

I am a Bonus Mom and proud to be.


Kelly Tareski

Kelly Tareski


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