Drone View Of Downtown Spokane WA Enjoy The View

Drone Footage Monte's Take


Getting drone view of downtown Spokane WA can be a challenge. So we (Kelly and I) were doing a photo shoot yesterday for iMortgage Spokane. Ok to be truthful, SHE was doing a photo shoot and I was moving furniture around their office for the clients to sit on. The important thing is that I was there spending quality time supporting…

Drone Crash At Bull Hill Guest Ranch First Hand View

Drone Footage Monte's Take


Have you ever wondered what a drone crash looks like up close? Take a look at this drone crash footage from Bull Hill Guest Ranch. So you can’t exactly expect to log the kind of hours I have done behind the controls of a drone and not expect a few mishaps… We have spent a great deal of time at…

Nine Mile Falls Fire Drone Footage

Drone Footage Monte's Take

Drone 4500 FB WM

Hi All!   I’ve decided to start doing a regular series of posts of some of the great footage I am getting with my drone. I am not one of those drone pilots that will fly my drone into a flock of endangered birds or buzz people just to be funny. I take the responsibility of drone ownership and proper…

Fresh Cod

Kelly's Take Take A Taste

Rosemary Cod

A sweet friend of mine gave me some fresh cod from Alaska that her husband caught himself.  I was super excited about it until I realized that I had no idea on how to cook it. I love to cook, probably because I love food in general, but also my mom and her mom were awesome cooks.  One thing that…